The Final Frontier of Web


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A world forgotten
Another awoken
Some lost
Some regained

Doesn’t it feel suffocating at times? Like your life isn’t your own anymore. Like everything you’re doing or about to do is pre-determined. Like you’ve already lost before you began.

It’s impossible to make a choice and call it really a choice. Society has decided your past, present, and future. The only way to break free is to dream.

"I have a dream” -- Martin Luther King

Freedom doesn't just have a physical form, but also a mental form. It’s increasingly important to not notice the extent to which the web of media and the internet has bound us to not be able to breathe without an ad popping up offering you a vacation package to clean air. It’s followed by a series of flight ads which specially shows the food you like and the beverage you love. If somehow it detects an inch of interest, you start getting spammed with holiday clothes and even things to do, of course heavily curated to your taste. It’s all great for you. You don’t even have to sit scrolling through search results or ask people around for such things. They already know. Convenience is the new chain to which we’re all bound in by.

Ownership is of course important. But more than that, the creator within you is crying. Crying for not being able to build, do, go what, how and where you want to. Imagine a future version of the world, without any and all mundane tasks around. You just do the most needed work only. Everything else is done by something, someone, somewhere. You don't care the how, what, or where, till your tasks are been taken care of. So, let's imagine a future version of the web, that satisfies the above and more, and we call it The CyberSpace.

CyberSpace is a trans-digital world built, governed, and maintained by the collective intelligence of its residents. It's a space where everything is based on the rules you set. Loosely based on optimistic theory, CyberSpace is what you make of it. It's not a new world or a virtual world like MetaVerse. CyberSpace is a space where your creations can take shape, form, and act according to how they are programmed.

Not too different from our current world. We live in a universe governed by certain rules as well. So, what's different? The difference is consciousness. The way we model CyberSpace is upto us.

So, the Mission as it were to build towards such a Utopia. Together. I'm starting this as a mission for everything that I'll work on now on and till I see it come to reality.
If you want to join me on my journey, reach out to me on twitter or mastodon. Let's build and live in The CyberSpace.